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When it comes to memory keeping, capturing and keeping observations made by pen or by camera is a great idea. Now, with COVID-19 exerting shifts in our routines, social norms, and work/life systems, it feels like an essential activity. Yes, there are plenty of news sites and resources capturing and sharing the big data of the world outside and the global story. But, what about the social and cultural changes within your personal life? What about your story? It's that internal story that has my attention right now.

As a result, I put together a few supplies, including notebook pages for a Traveler's Notebook and art/illustrations to help us all capture our observations during this strange and unprecedented time. In addition, I recorded the following illustrating my choices, thoughts, and process for putting together my own notebook.


I'd Love to Hear from You 🙂

Since I see us on this journey to master memory keeping together, I'd like to hear your thoughts. So, let's chat about:

  • Your thoughts and feelings about the post
  • What your're doing this week related to memory keeping
  • Your take on the One a Month Projects

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