Creative Plates are Flying

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When it comes to creative plates in the air, I've been juggling a few this week. The idea motivating me was this:

more crafting supplies = more crafting joy for those at home

And, the more supplies I can get into the library, the better—especially, since they are all free. Also, I've been thinking about those new to homeschooling. Free crafting supplies can really help students complete study projects, explore art, and pass the time when bored. Which is why I'm super happy that I was able to get 44 new items into the library today. Two of which I'm going to start using right away, myself:

New Traveler's Notebook Pages...
And, the Life in 2020 Art Elements

I've really been inspired by Ali Edwards' #theartofnoticing project. Though the #artofnoticing project began last week, the desire to get more intentional (again) about observing the everyday has been with me for awhile. I haven't been taking notes consistently since last year. So, they haven't been included reflection process. Come to think of it, my reflection process seems to have vanished along with those notes (and I'm not sure when that happened either). Anyhow, Ali's pages have inspired me to do better on that front.

Tomorrow, after this mad creative streak, I have to practice music and do some housework. Those creative plates that I've been juggling need to rest awhile so I can juggle other things. Still, I can't help but dream about getting back at it. Those empty notebook pages are calling me.


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