Nervous Crossing the Campus

My Sci-Fi Films and the Future class was at night all the way on the other side of campus. "Do you know anyone taking the class?" I asked one of my girlfriends, explaining that I was nervous to cross campus at night by myself. Luckily, she did know someone taking the class—that friend of hers she was sure would be a great boyfriend for me. Outwardly, I was grateful for the company. Inwardly, I was rolling my eyes. Up to now, I'd been successfully dodging a meeting with this guy. Clearly, she was going to make it happen and there was no getting out of it.

Great. Last thing I needed was a boyfriend. (I was still recovering from my last experience in the romance department.)

When Erik and I met up for the walk to class, I was taken by how funny and smart he was. Plus, he was oblivious to my friend's plan to match us up. Which was fine by me and a huge relief. It meant I could get to know him and become his friend without any expectation of things "going somewhere." What surprised me was just how much we had in common (including our love of photography) and how much I wound up liking him as we made our trek across campus.

Before long we were best friends. Even so, I actively avoided taking it "to the next level" because I didn't want to jeopardize such an amazing friendship. Inevitably though, our friendship morphed into something deeper and we married about three years later. Turns out, my girlfriend was pretty good at this match-making stuff after all. Who knew?

I'm just so grateful that it all went down the way it went down.


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