Planning My Return to Analog

There's just something I miss about the experience of assembling a story IRL (in real life)—something about holding creative materials in my hands and the analog design process. It's sort of the same thing I feel about reading. Digital has it's place, but the analog form connects with my brain, body, and spirit in a way that zeros and ones can't. So, I've been planning my return to analog.

However, my plan isn't about giving up on digital all together. I do intend to create digital photo books whenever there is a call for duplicates (like, the family heirloom project underway). I intend to continue making digital supplies, too (because it's so much fun). Plus, going analog doesn't mean I should ignore everything that's awesome about digital storytelling, like how easy it is to:

  • Use my iPhone/iPad to plan stories and print supplies
  • Create my own materials and titles
  • Buy supplies once and use them again and again
  • Mod my supplies
  • Organize and find digital supplies again
  • Store digital supplies
  • Clean up after a project
  • Save time, money, and space

It's just that I want to use my hands to bring my stories together, feel the paper and photos, and experience the slow development of my album as it grows story-by-story. Likewise, it makes sense to approach storytelling in a way that contributes to an outcome which, for me, is as much about holding fast to my experiences as it is understanding and reflecting upon them. And, with more and more reports coming out about how memory, learning, and understanding are better served when we set our devices aside and note things longhand, it seems like the perfect time to embrace longhand and a return to analog storytelling.

So, that's my plan.


I'd Love to Hear from You 🙂

Since I see us on this journey to master memory keeping together, I'd like to hear your thoughts. So, let's chat about:

  • Your thoughts and feelings about the post
  • What your're doing this week related to memory keeping
  • Your take on the One a Month Projects