Under the Apple Tree

The old crab apple tree in Grandma's back yard has sheltered generations while its beat up trunk and limbs echo expressions of living and loving. Over the years, it has patiently witnessed the happenings underneath it:

  • Visits with friends and family
  • First kisses
  • Breakups
  • New introductions
  • Wedding celebrations
  • Baby showers
  • Wakes

On the day of this photograph, Duncan was delighted by the shenanigans of Erik juggling three fallen apples, stomping rotten apples to make applesauce, and lifting Duncan up to pick his own green jewel.

Each surprising fruit—surprisingly tart and surprisingly existent in the high desert climate—is like a story; one of many stories that have played out underneath the tree over the last century.

Which ones will make it into the pie, I wonder?


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