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By day, we explored the surrounding area while Chelsea, Sylas, and Raphael hiked, canoed, and tried to “get their steps” for the day. Meanwhile, Grandma Lynn and Grandpa Don investigated the nearby town of Bandon. Then, in the evenings, we’d huddle around the campfire, telling stories, sharing about our experiences, laughing often, and enjoying our chance to be with each other. And, if I’m honest, there may have been a few delicious mishaps with marshmallows and the campfire.

During our explorations, we found ourselves surprised by wild turkey (at the beach?), amused by strange spotted snails, and enchanted by the history of Bullard’s Beach and its lighthouse. Then, there were the shenanigans with the umbrella and the deep-rumble-singing in the shack near the lighthouse that served as a landmark for where the lighthouse “house” used to be. That shack had wonderful reverberation, especially with Erik’s deeper tones.

The thing is, it all seemed to come to an end too soon. I loved getting away to simple living within our small trailer. I loved photographing the world alongside Erik and sharing our finds with each other. I loved that Duncan wanted to go with us, participated fully in the fun-making and contributed his own brand of joie de vivre to it all. Exploring, creating, and having fun together are treasures to me. And, because it is our standard modus operandi when we camp, I think it’s why I love camping so much.

I wonder, where will we venture to next?


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